Why is Health Research Important?
Health research covers a broad spectrum of activities from basic biomedical research in the laboratory to clinical and patient-oriented research, population health sciences and health services research. Every diagnosis, intervention and new treatment carried out in our health service is based on research.

The recent decision of the Food and Drug Association in the USA to approve the drug “Skyclarys” (omaveloxolone or omav for short) for those with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) and are over 16 years of age is based on clinical research. This underscores the importance of clinical research and shows that today’s research really does become tomorrow’s healthcare.

FARA Ireland is committed to funding research to advance our knowledge and understanding of FA. The ultimate aim of research is to find a cure for FA, but in the meantime it is imperative we continue to support research

In order to increase our knowledge of FA and translate these discoveries and insights into vital new treatments and clinical care practices for those living with FA, funded research by dedicated scientists and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines is required.

Several different approaches to finding a treatment are in place internationally at present. These include:

1)      Developing collaboration between pharmaceutical companies interested in working in FA, academic researchers and clinicians,

2)      Funding potential drugs, cell and animal models which are potential candidates for FA treatment. This is where most of the money raised for FARA Ireland goes.

3)      Providing a patient registry for people with FA which can be used to recruit individuals for clinical trials

4)      Promoting policy initiatives that provide greater awareness, financial resources & other support for research in FA.

The link below is kept up to date with all FA worldwide research: