Unfortunately there is no cure for FA but on the 1st of March 2023 the first treatment for patients with FA was approved in the US. There is huge excitement and optimism among the community but this treatment will not erase the damage done but it may prevent further deterioration

On this page we have compiled things FA patients can do or use to help manage symptoms. Exercise and working the muscles is one of the best patients with FA can do. There are also useful bits of equipment FA patients could consider using

Below is a list of topics we want to share

Standing/ Walking – walker types – posterier walker, easy stand, splints/ AFO

Wheelchairs- Wheelchair types, Electric Wheelchair types, Wheelchair assistive devices – New drive, Wijits


Transfers – Hoists/ banana board

Cooking and eating – lap tray, dishwasher types

Assistive technology – alexa – wifi bulbs

Driving – primary medical cert, hand controls