Useful Equipment

I have had FA for a number of years and I have compiled a list of items I have found useful over the last 20 years as I have progressed.

  • When standing or walking un-aided became challenging I started to use a posterier walker called a Kaye walker (Posterier as it offer me more stability)
  • For standing upright stationary I used an easy stand stander
  • For walking and transfering I have ankle foot orthoses (AFO) {also known as splints]
  • i have a manual wheelchair [be careful not to get one to wide]
  • I use a scooter for rough ground.
  • I have an electric wheelchair [of which there is varies types] and a folding electric wheelchair (handy for traveling)
  • Wheelchair assistive devices I found useful were Wijits and New Drive
  • I use a wet room with a shower wheelchair to shower
  • To help transferring I use hoists and banana boards
  • For cooking and eating I use a lap tray and a dishwasher
  • I use assistive technology such as google home and alexa, and wifi bulbs
  • I drive with Hand controls